Suppressing Ads While Browsing

By far one of the most controversial tip is what we are going to share today: that of suppressing advertisements in your browser while on the internet. However, I leave out the ethics and morality debate, and will only show you how to do that. It is up to you whether you feel that it is okay or not.

The Problem

When we go online, we want to research for some information, we want to chat with friends and relatives and we just want to entertain ourselves, or even wile up time.

However, the people providing us with that information work hard day and night to keep those pages online. This includes paying for the web host, paying for webmasters, whole editorial teams and designers who work behind the scene for us to get that information. Yea, you see how this site is operated, huh?

Anyway, we get bombarded with ads (short for advertisements) whenever we want to open a page. You can get some ad tailored towards your web surfing habits. You wonder how they know you are looking for a house these days, or want to buy a motor vehicle.

What can we do? Is the internet the same as a radio or television where we are forced to watch an ad that may not even interest us? How can we suppress ads and see the content we want?

Another problem is that even if we want to be ethical, some of the ads do not belong to the sites we visit: they are tracking ads. Tracking ads are those ads that track your web surfing and learn your interests. They will often learn this from different sites you visit online and build a profile about you. So blocking such ads does not necessarily mean depriving a site of its revenue: but saving your sanity in the process and your privacy.

The Solution

The solution is that you must use an Adblocker program. An adblocker is an addon to your browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

This Adblocker will suppress any ad from appearing in your browser.

The popular ad blockers on both desktop and mobile computers include the Adblockplus and Adguard. However, I recommend the former as it is totally free.

Some adblocker programs will let you support some sites that do not push aggressive ads into your browser. This is realising that some sites depend on the returns of ad clicks to generate funds to remain online.

Well, I hope you have learnt something from this tip. Until next time, have a free browsing experience, free of annoying ads and popups.