A Correction and Apology To Blind Help

Thanks to Mr. Ramzan of the Blind Help Project (BHP), who just pointed to me an error of fact relating to the BHP portal.

On the related links, BHP had been indicated as based in India. This is not true. Instead, BHP is based in Pakistan. However, regardless of where it is based, it serves the worldwide community of blind and visually impaired users.

What is Blind Help Project?

Blind Help Project is an online portal that is rich with not only tutorials, but even programs that are difficult to FIND ANYWHERE. For instance, if you are looking for the latest speech synthesiser, a good app for your Android or iPhone, a dictionary or any other high-quality utility, consider visiting this portal.

You can also join their Whatsapp Group, as many have already done, to interact with fellow blind and visually impaired users and ask or answer questions.

Otherwise, thank you Mr. Ramzan for having built up this portal that helps many blind and visually impaired computer users throughout the world, and more especially for having pointed out my error in the related links page.