Welcome to the Miracle of Access Technology blog where we provide each other with tips on accomplishing certain tasks using our computer and mobile devices.

This blog has undergone a third redesign in three years: all in a bid to update it to the needs and desires of its users.

The Problem

Access technology, just like any ICT, is a field that is undergoing immense changes everyday. Some of these changes may not be that obvious in a few days or even months, but are apparent after two or three years. For instance, some guides posted here in 2012 are no longer relevant in mid-2017.

These changes are often occasioned by a number of factors some of which are:

  • An improvement in hardware production;
  • An upgrade in software to suit the new hardware;
  • The increased demands of the industry to cut costs in light of these improvements.

All this makes us, whether we like it or not, to always be learning new things. In some cases, knowledge and proficiency in handling any new form of technology makes a difference between earning a living and losing it. Staying on the cutting edges of technology prevents one's skills to fall into obsolescence and thus be redundant.

The Solution

Access technology is that branch of technology which interests blind and visually impaired people. It has made it possible for many to be employed, to attend school, to be successful musicians--and any other occupation in-between.

The changes brought by upgrades or new machines should not be viewed with suspicion or distaste by the blind and visually impaired community: instead it should be welcome. In most cases, these changes herald improved accessibility to traditional platforms. Software and hardware developers are bringing their wares in line with acceptable standards of which accessibility is one prominent feature of a standard product.

This blog's major aim from this new redesign is not reflections, arguments or even discourses about rights and wrongs. Instead, it is a portal where I would regularly post some tips on the use of various access technologies.

I hope you would find these helpful in your work, education or even training. Feel free to contact me if you want a tip on doing certain things with your access technology. I would do my best to research on it and share with the community. If you find this helpful in your work, please share this blog with others: or better still, help them with the tip for making them productive.

Thank you for reading this post.