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Although this site covers issues on access technology and education in Zimbabwe, it does not in any way try to be all-inclusive, or even to be an ultimate reference on educational technology and/or access technology. It constitutes part of the web, and as such, it contributes a fraction to it.

This page intends to help you locate other sites where you can learn more about access technology without limiting yourself to the Zimbabwean context. Actually, access technology is a universal concern, such that solutions applied to some problem in another country may prove useful here as well.

While there are many other sites that might have been included in this list, I left out all sites that are commercial. I only provided links to some sites where I felt that visitors can readily get help without signing up or such other stuff.

If you have any site you know of which may benefit others, but which you feel is not on the list, feel free to send it to me at moat at ishe dot chinyoka dot com. [1]

Remember that here I am not liable on the links listed here, neither do I have a special relationship with any of them. These sites are listed here for your convenience only: and you are free to patronise any of them or ignore all of them.

Education Sites

These are sites that help you with education for the blind that you should consider visiting to further your career goals.

The Hadley Institute
By far, this is the world's leading educational institution for the blind since 1920. It has got courses ranging from high school to Adult Continuing education. It will help you in almost all the disciplines such as independent living, English, Maths, science and so on.
Historical Access Preservation
This website provides some interesting facts about the development of access technology. If you ever wanted to know which screen-reader was used in the '80s, then this one is for you. You can download some old software for educational purposes.
This site tries to be the most comprehensive source of information for opportunities of online learning for blind and visually impaired people.

Software Sites

These sites help you find software related to accessibility that might help you on your computer.


The world's popular screen-reader which is free to download and use on your computer. NVDA will help you use your office programs, browse the internet, send emails and everything you may want to do to be a good or bad citizen. In short, it helps you to be independent and gain confidence in yourself. To enhance NVDA's functionality, you can add addons from:

A site that ofers downloads for various programs, both free and shareware. Programs are organised into categories and you can easily find free antivirus programs, browsers, dictionaries, etc.
Blind Help Project
This site, based in Pakistan, will provide you with different programs that you may download to your computer. They will provide you with some tutorials on accomplishing certain things on your own. You are lost without this one!
Pakistan Assistive Technology Foundation
This site also provides you with download of some popular commercial and free programs for use on your computer. This one is based in Pakistan.
This is a useful program you can download here for free to convert one file format to another. Useful for accessing Ebooks on yur computer.

Information Sites

These are general information sites that you can find useful in your journey to computer education. Not all sites are access technology portals, but they may be useful in complementing your knowledge about computers.

Access World
A monthly magazine that provides information on access technology published by the American Foundation for the Blind.
Empowerment Zone
A site with a wide range of information on accesibility and some useful programs that you can download. There are some historical documents you can download in text format.
A local site covering technology matters. Important if you want to learn what is taking place with our local companies.
Zimbabwe's premier tech-related magazine. Along with Techzim, this will inform you as to what is taking place in the tech space locally.
Tech Crunch
A site covering everything about technology, especially from the American perspective. Important if you want to learn what is taking place at international level.


[1] be sure to enter the correct symbols on your keyboard. The at symbol is simply shifting the number 2 on the numeric row on the computer keyboard, while the dot symbol is the period or full-stop.