Posts for July 2017

Understanding the Windows Task Scheduler

Schedule important tasks to be run on your Windows platform to avoid problems caused by forgetfulness and oversight.

Running Programs as a Windows Administrator

You should only run programs as an administrator on Windows when you show that you are indeed responsible.

Why You should Buy Apps

It is good to buy digital products if you can afford.

Why People Pirate Apps

The problem of piracy can be understood when one looks at the motives of pirates themselves.

Reading Mathematical Symbols Online

With proper configurations, a screen-reader can read Maths symbols easily these days.

Downloading Youtube Videos in Firefox

Find how to download files from YouTube instead of streaming them.

Suppressing Ads While Browsing

Find out how you can suppress annoying ads from appearing in your browser.

A Correction and Apology To Blind Help

A public apology to the Blind Help Project for an error in fact

Using Google Drive on the Web

Learn how to manage your Google Drive documents using a screen-reader.

Using Gmail in Standard Mode

Enhancing NVDA with Addons

While NVDA is a powerful screen-reader, you can enhance its functionality with Addons


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