The Importance of File Backup

Data is the important asset that we can ever store on a computer. This is because it is represented by files we keep. However, from time to time, there is need to take care of that data by backing it up in case danger strikes.

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Cleaning Up Your Disk

It is the beginning of a new month: there are many things we have to take care of: updating our schedules, cleaning our homes for junk and paying for bills, of course.

In today's post, I saw it necessary to consider thinking of cleaning up our systems on this first day of August. So we are going to talk of a useful tool called the disk cleanup tool on Windows.

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Understanding the Windows Task Scheduler

While last week, most of the tips had to do with the web, this week we are going to talk of system maintenance tasks that one has to do to ensure his or her system health.

There are some tasks which we know have to be done regularly on our computers, such as cleaning up the disk, backing up files and even doing software updates. Yet we fail to do them because as humans, we forget. In today's tip, we are going to discuss how to set tasks using the built-in utility, the Windows Task Scheduler.

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